材料与化学化工学部学术报告:Tailored-made Polymer Coatings for Orthopedic Applications

题  目:Tailored-made Polymer Coatings for Orthopedic Applications

报告人:魏濤 (To NGAI)(香港中文大学)

时  间:2023527日(周六)上午 9:00

地  点:独墅湖校区912号楼730报告厅


魏濤,现为香港中文大学(CUHK)化学系教授、理学院副院长及英国皇家化学会会士(FRSC)。魏濤教授于1999年以一等荣誉毕业于CUHK化学系,于2003年在CUHK获得博士学位,研究方向为光散射和溶液中的聚合物相互作用。2003~2005年在德国巴斯夫(路德维希港总部)进行博士后研究,从事胶体和表面化学方面的工作。2005年在明尼苏达大学化学系进行短期博士后培训后,于 2006 年加入CUHK化学系担任研究助理教授,2008年任助理教授,2012年晋升副教授,2017年晋升教授。他目前的研究兴趣主要为胶体、表面化学、聚合物和软物质。


Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys have been intensively explored as the next-generation of metallic bone substitutes in the past decades, but their rapid corrosion rate in physiological environments is still a great hindrance for further therapeutic applications. In this talk, I will first introduce our recent work in designing the biodegradable poly (L-lactic acid) (PLLA) coatings on pure Mg substrates (99.99 wt.%) with tunable surface morphologies through dip-coating in combination with mixed non-solvent induced phase separation (Dip-coating-mNIPS) method to regulate the corrosion behavior and biocompatibility. By using the mixtures of solvents, we obtained PLLA coatings with different pore sizes and morphologies. We further developed the bilayer membrane consists of a selective-permeable microporous layer and a struvite-nanowire-laden fibrous layer. The synthesized struvite nanowires are co-electrospun with the biodegradable PCL, to produce ceramic–polymer composite fibers. We demonstrated that the bilayer membranes promoted regenerative outcome in the repair of the rat calvarial defects, showing the enhanced osteogenesis and the magnified new bone formation, which signifies the key beneficial role of the struvite nanowires in guided bone regeneration process.  



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